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I am committed to a foreign policy that emphasizes peaceful solutions, nuclear disarmament, and humanitarian aid over military intervention. For a prosperous future, we must end our involvement in senseless wars and reallocate excess military spending into economic stimulus packages, job programs, infrastructure development, cybersecurity, and better care for our veterans.


I will fight to end family separation and the unconscionable incarceration of innocent children. Furthermore, I fully support restoring DACA, ending the Muslim Ban, and creating a pathway to citizenship for DREAMers and other hardworking immigrants. Instead of a fiscally irresponsible wall, I will use border funding to provide the resources, tools, and technology we need to crack down on human and weapon traffickers.


No one should suffer from lack of access to shelter, medical care, or mental health resources. I strongly support Medicare-for-All and will tackle the racial and gender disparities that plague our healthcare system. I also support the Rent Relief Act and plan to increase tenant protections, incentivize affordable housing construction, and work with experts on long-term solutions to the homelessness crisis.


We need an economy that works for working families, not just Wall Street. That is why I will implement a $15 Federal minimum wage, strengthen protections for gig workers and unions, support a robust national jobs program, and address systemic income inequality. I will also advocate for increased taxes on the 1% and work to close corporate tax loopholes so that billionaires and multinational companies pay their fair share.


It’s time for Congress to do its job and pass comprehensive gun violence prevention legislation. This means closing gun purchase loopholes, mandating universal background checks, supporting gun safety technologies and banning assault-style weapons. We must also reinstate the Domestic Terrorism Task Force to track and counteract violence-inciting hate groups, and keep weapons out of the hands of domestic abusers.


Our criminal justice system is deeply flawed and in dire need of reform. It is time to end the War on Drugs, federally legalize marijuana, and tackle the biased, often lethal police treatment of communities of color. I will lead the charge on eliminating private prisons, mass incarceration, cash bail, and the death penalty, and replace these pernicious policies with rehabilitation programs for inmates, re-entry support for transitioning convicts, and community outreach initiatives to engage at-risk youth.


We’re at a critical point in our struggle for equality, and the only way we’ll win is together. As a queer woman of color, I recognize the right of ALL citizens to live and love freely. That is why I will fight to pass the Equal Rights Amendment, champion womens’ right to reproductive autonomy, and collaborate on legislation that provides the LGBTQ+ community with comprehensive protections from personal and professional discrimination.


From families and forests devastated by wildfires, to colossal hurricanes and mass extinctions, there has never been a more urgent time to take action on climate change. By re-entering the Paris Agreement and committing to a Green New Deal, we can end the climate threat, invest in clean energy, and build innovative transportation infrastructure that creates thousands of new jobs. We must also eliminate environmental injustice by supporting frontline communities through clean-up efforts and enforcement of clean air and water standards.


Education is fundamental to our economic future, and that future falters when students and teachers are forced to bear crushing costs. To correct this, I will put my efforts towards eliminating student debt, supporting free public college, creating programs that provide financial aid to students wishing to attend private college in exchange for civil service, and diverting federal funds to close the teacher pay gap. I will also advocate for federal trade skill programs, stronger K-12 curriculums, and increased federal funding for academic research.


Our political system is plagued by corruption. Only by removing money’s influence over Congress and empowering more voters can this be changed. To that end, I will fight to restore, uphold, and enforce the Voting Rights Act, and to make voter registration automatic. I also vow to take no corporate money as I work to overturn Citizens United, advocate for publicly financed elections, pass laws requiring public disclosure of dark money donations, and eliminate the revolving door for Congressional lobbyists.

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